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Tacubaya Master Plan

Urbanism / Research

Client: ITDP (Institute of Transportation and Development Policy)
Location: Tacubaya, Mexico City
Status: Project
Year: 2010
Project Design: a | 911 + ITDP (Institute of Transportation and Development Policy)
Design Team: Akemi Sato, Ernesto Lomelí, Ricardo García, Ignacio Santos

Project Description:

Despite being centrally located and connected within Mexico City, the neighborhood of Tacubaya is quite ostracized from the rest of the city. This is due to several factors that include the introduction of the railway, the channeling of rivers, the widening of streets, the demolition of buildings, and the opening of several mass transit stations.

Developed for the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy, the proposal offers a scenario in which sustainable mass transit serves as the primary engine for urban mobility. One of the project’s primary goals is to create a built environment where transportation policy becomes the basis to create user-friendly ways of urban mobility. With an emphasis on high-density and mixed-use development, the project encourages pedestrian traffic over vehicular traffic, and deters alienating infrastructure, like pedestrian overpasses and tunnels. It also favors urban spaces with a human scale that enable surface mobility. The project develops three fundamental concepts:


1. It establishes a hierarchy over the existing modes of transportation, and the future BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) lines that would converge in the Tacubaya Multimodal Transport Center.

2. It recovers and rehabilitates the public realm, and it significantly reduces the spaces for private transport, while at the same time encouraging the implementation of friendlier elements of mobility. The streets would become pedestrian spaces with low-speed lanes for vehicles in order to encourage the connectivity of the neighborhood.

3. Increases the value of private property through the improvement of public infrastructure, and infill development projects that makes efficient use of unoccupied land and parking lots. This would help to reinvigorate the local economy.

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