Siqueiros Public Art Gallery | Sala de Arte Público Siqueiros

Siqueiros Public Art Gallery


Client:  SAPS (Siqueiros Public Art Gallery)

Type:  Gallery

Location:  Historic Center, Mexico City, Mexico

Size:  519 m²

Status:  Built

Year:  2010

a l 911 Team:  Jose Castillo, Siadee Springall,

Iván Cervantes, Arturo Carreón.

Partners:  ESRAWE

Photography: Rafael Gamo, Moritz Bernoully

Project Description:

This is a small David Alfaro Siqueiros Museum located in Polanco, founded by the artist. The key agenda of the intervention focuses on transforming the entrance area of the Siqueiros Public Art Museum into an active space that will link the visitor and passerby with the David Alfaro Siqueiros´s murals. It allows the public and pedestrians to establish visual contact with the murals from outside the building, transforming the access into a transition space between the street and the murals.

In order to achieve this, the façade was completely opened up at ground level by demolishing a few walls and replacing them with five sliding glass panels from floor to ceiling. The façade transforms into modules that respond to the operative and aesthetic needs of the museum.

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