Improving Housing

Improving the Housing Estate


Client: INFONAVIT (National Housing Institute)
Location: Mexico City
Status: Built
Year: 2015
Project Design: a | 911
Design Team: Ernesto Lomelí, Gerardo Villalobos, Conrado Rodríguez, Carlos Ríos, Raymundo Marcelo, José Esparza y Ioana Alvarado
Photographs: Moritz Bernoully

Project Description:

The San Francisco Housing Developments I, II, III is located in Mexico City, in the San Juan Xalpa neighborhood. It was built in the early 1990s and it has 350 housing units in a total area of 243,264 m2. The project redeveloped 60,557 sq ft of the total area.

This intervention allowed for the restitution of the community spaces within the complex. The areas were reorganized and connected with each other, producing a continuous public space composed of the four plazas, each with its own program. The plazas can be identified as patio A (cultural patio), patio B (children’s patio), patio C (central patio), patio D (sports patio).  To archive it, the following design elements were implemented:

• The obsolete buildings that divided the first plaza were eliminated.

• New types of pavements were added to all the plazas.

• The width of all the sidewalks and the interior walkways was increased.


• Appropriate lighting was implemented in each of the intervened areas in order to increase safety in the complex overall.

• New furniture was added in accordance with the program of each of the patios.

• Ramps were built in order to make the complex more accessible to people with disabilities.

• New delimited garden areas were proposed in order to ease their maintenance.

• Trees within the complex were trimmed and transplanted.

• The facades were repainted and the covers of all the buildings were waterproofed.

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