San Antonio 206 Housing | Vivienda San Antonio 206

San Antonio 206 Housing


Client: G Acción
Localization: Mexico City
Status: Built
Year: 2005
Project Desgin: a | 911
Team: Marisa Egea, Alejandro Herrera
Photograph: Luis Gordoa

Project Description:

The SA206 project is a building of 27 middle-income apartment units on a 6-storeys block. It stands in an urban corner facing one of the elevated highways of San Antonio avenue close to Patriotismo avenue Following the financial logic of real estate development, the maximum potential of the site is developed building the perimeter of the block and leaving a courtyard in the center. From the exterior, the building is conceived as an asymmetric volume due to the shift in heights and the scattered position of windows and balconies.


Fifteen units are two-storey apartments that separate public and private spaces while the rest are one-level units. The three-street façade allows all units exterior and interior views. Two levels of parking at and below street level, work as a platform to separate the ground floor units 16 ft meters from street level of San Antonio avenue.

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