Quintonil Restaurant | Restaurante Quintonil

Quintonil Restaurant Renovation


Client: Alejandra Flores y Jorge Vallejo
Location: Polanco, Mexico City
Status: Built
Year: 2013-2014
Project Design: a | 911
Team: Iván Cervantes, Gabriel Ortiz,
Carlos Ríos, Fernanda de la Mora
Photographs: Jaime Navarro

Project Description:

Quintonil is a restaurant that opened in 2012. This proposal sought to generate a space that aligned itself with the restaurant’s products, its techniques, and its presentations. The outcome is a space that enshrines the domestic and the elegant, the quotidian and the sophisticated.

The project integrated the isolated spaces (the main hall and the courtyard) in order to increase the area within of the restaurant. In order to do so, it was necessary to redesign the sliding door between both spaces. It was also necessary to redesign the lobby; this was done by placing a screen and some curtains to delimit it from the bar and the main hall. The bar counters were redesigned to permit the integration of all its elements (the coffee machine, bottle storage, the crockery).


The main hall, which originally lacked the sufficient height as to create a comfortable space, was reimagined by placing mirrors along with several tables designed by Pirwi, and by illuminating them with a tenuous lineal light. The courtyard, which is surrounded by tall buildings, was made more amenable by placing two walls, one covered with wood and the other with white palladium. A transversal wall covered with vegetation and a series of pergolas in order to control for the visibility of the surrounding buildings.

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