PLATAH Master Plan


Location: Hidalgo, Mexico
Status: Under construction
Year: 2014
Project Design: a | 911 + AECOM
Design Team: Iván Cervantes, Janisse Cruz, Ángel Santos, Carlos Ríos, Humberto Castro, Laura Zertuche

Project Description:

Located in the central part of the country, Plataforma Logística Hidalgo (PLATAH) incorporates industrial and commercial uses, as well as other services in an area totaling 847.6 acres. Its unique location gives it many advantages, like its several connections to railways, motorways, and airports. The clear and flexible structure of the project fosters the creation of open space through sustainable strategies. The site has the potential to become prime industrial and logistic center. Besides contributing to the economics of the regions, it also contributes to the creation of green areas and public spaces. It also envisions a mobility strategy that would not only benefit the development, but would also the neighboring villages.

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