Maribus / Acabici Mobility System

Urbanism / Architecture

Client: Ministry of Urban Development of the State of Guerrero
Location: Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico
Status: Under Design
Year: 2015
Project Desgin: a | 911 + MMX + Frida Escobedo + AT103
Design Team: Anabel Chávez, Jurgüen Eisenhauer, Emiel Tijhuis,
Iván Cervantes, Laura Zertuche, Ernesto Lomelí, Andrea Gutiérrez,
Conrado Rodríguez, José Esparza, Akemi Sato, Valentina Savid,
Gerardo Villalobos y Félix Villaseñor

Project Description:

This proposal was a response to the deep transportation issues in the metropolitan region of Acapulco. Maribus tackles the mobility problems the area is experiencing in an integrated way by contributing to the tourism industry, creating new economic activities, and linking zones and geographies of Acapulco that remained isolated. All this would be achieved by creating a maritime transportation system without equal in Mexico. The proposal contemplates the intermodal integration of this project with the rest of the existing infrastructure.


Maribus – Acabici will offer the opportunity to decrease the travel time and it will improve the conditions of the immediate urban context. The main benefit would be the decrease door-to-door travel time, and in the adaption of natural conditions of the bay to improve the transportation infrastructure.  The goal is to decrease the amount of vehicles in the bay area and the need for further investment in infrastructure. Acabici would diminish the user expenditure in transfer stations. The system would promote the image of the city as a center for tourism.

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