INFONAVIT Regional Housing

INFONAVIT San Luis Regional Housing

Architecture / Urbanism / Research

Client: INFONAVIT (National Institute of Housing)
Location: San Luis Potosí
Status: Project
Year: 2014
Project Design: a | 911
Design Team: Ernesto Lomelí, Carlos Ríos, José Esparza, Conrado Rodríguez, Ioana Alvarado

Project Description:

This housing project envisions an alternative model for the production of affordable housing in the city and the region of San Luis Potosí. Instead of a conventional development, which are usually placed in the periphery and are built on a massive scale to accommodate over 40% of the total area to parking spaces and roadways, this project proposes a pedestrian friendly design with reduced street widths and limited car use.

Through small typological and morphological urban innovations, the project seeks to build new forms of continuity between the pedestrian walkways and the houses’ interior courtyards. This would generate microclimates and would benefit the residents of the region, which have to endure a predominantly warm climate.


The project challenges the current affordable housing guidelines by changing the lot sized according to the housing typology. Individual parking is reduced in order to offer the resident the possibility of expanding their house, and integrates non-residential uses. The project envisions a density of 108 units per hectare -twice the density of current affordable housing developments- and it integrates a flexible scheme that allows for its placement in several areas of the city.

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