Location: Mexico City
Status: Built
Year: 2004
Project Design: a | 911 + Marnhos
Design Leaders: Saidee Springall, Jose Castillo
Design Team: Iván Cervantes, Juvencio Núñez
Photograph: Rafael Gamo

Project Description:

This project is an extension for the Mexican Institute of Social Christian Doctrine (IMDOSOC), which includes a new vestibule for the auditorium, a small chapel, a library, a book deposit and two small classrooms. It is inserted in a very small site, almost 33 ft wide, between two existing buildings that have blind solid walls. Originally the program included one façade and the roof to obtain lighting, however,


our proposal was to develop a cubic volume where different forms were sculpted to obtain the most lighting possible. This way, the buildings section is where the program is enriched, the chapel is illuminated through a series of interior chimneys and the reading room and library have double ceiling heights.

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