Horacio 935

Horacio 935 Townhouses


Client: Grupo VYG
Location: Polanco, Mexico City
Status: Built
Year: 2004 – 2005
Project Design: a | 911 + Isaac Broid
Design Team: Iván Cervantes, Othon Reynoso,
Victoria Ramos, Guillermo Martín, Alfredo Hernández
Photographs: Héctor Velasco

Project Description:

Located in Polanco, Mexico City, the project is part of the recent neighborhood transformation where density is increasing, as large single-family residences are converted into luxury apartments. The scheme proposes a building with 10 townhouses in the 10,764 sq ft site, developed in a four-storeys structure with a basement that functions as an English garden. The building is divided in two blocks: the first block with six two-storeys apartments, some of which have private gardens and patios on the ground floor level while others have balconies and roof gardens.


The second block includes three one-storey apartments and one two-storey apartment with a roof garden. Between the two blocks a central patio provides a feeling of breath while creating a transitional space between the monumental scale of the city and the domestic scale of each apartment.

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