Jaime García Terrés Library | Biblioteca Jaime García Terrés

Jaime García Terrés Library


Client:  Mexico’s Ministry of Culture

Type:  Cultural Center

Location:  La Ciudadela, Mexico City, Mexico

Size:  170 m²

Status:  Built

Year:  2011

a l 911 Team:  Jose Castillo, Saidee Springall,

Ricardo García, Caliope Hernández, Carlos Ledezma, Tania Guerrero, Ernesto Lomelí, Emiel Tijhuis.

Partners:  Perla Krauze

Photography: Jaime Navarro

Project Description:

The project is an initiative from the Federal Government to acquire the personal libraries of great Mexican authors and publishers of the twentieth Century. The Jaime García Terrés Library is one of them, and it is located in the old building of Ciudadela in Mexico City. The project is conceived as a series of objects or pieces, which though its scale, weight and presence, could have a dialogue with both the books of the collection, as well as with the historic building. The room is rectangular with an area of 1,830 sq ft and a height of 2066 ft,  where the 18,000 volumes of the library fit in over 1640 ft linear of shelves.


The main space is designed for lower bookcases, chairs and reading tables. At the western end of the room a ‘reading cube’ is placed, creating a more intimate environment, with a reproduction of the table where Don Jaime García Terrés worked. To control the entry of direct sunlight, a suspended celling is proposed in order to filter the light through a series of mullions modulated according to the bookshelves. An intervention of the artist Perla Krauze entitled ” Suspended Time “, comprising of more than 300 resin stones, hangs from the ceiling.

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