Ciudad Juárez

Ciudad Juarez Northwest Sector Master Plan

Architecture / Urbanism

Client: SEDESOL (Ministry of Social Development)
Localization: Ciudad Juárez, Mexico
Status: Project
Year: 2010
Project Design: a | 911
Design Team: Tania Guerrero, Akemi Sato, José María Palacios, Humberto Castro, Ricardo García Santander

Project Description:

The project is part of a general strategy introduced by the Mexican Federal Government for Ciudad Juárez, a city of 1.5 million people on the US-Mexican border. The city is located in a strategic position for drugs and arms trafficking and suffers from increasing levels of violence as the current administration’s efforts to curtail the drug trade are strongly resisted.

“We are all Juárez!” – a strategy including more than 150 commitments, intends to radically improve the city’s social, economic, and physical conditions. A component of the strategy is the urban regeneration master plan for the northwest sector of the city, which works at various scales and uses a multifaceted approach.


It is based on the consolidation of existing water retention basins to mitigate future flooding, and their conversion into public spaces. Different facilities are introduced including agricultural terraces, workshops, commercial lots, playgrounds, sporting facilities, a skate park and progressive housing units. They provide space for economic, educational and recreational activities with the overall intention to strengthen community networks.

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