Churubusco Film Labs and Producers Building


Client: Mexico’s Ministry of Culture
Location: Mexico City
Status: Under Construction
Year: 2012
Project Design:  a | 911
Design Leaders: Saidee Springall + Jose Castillo
Design Team: Iván Cervantes, Edgar Romero,
Carlos Ledezma, Javier Juárez, Juan Pablo Sandoval,
Caliope Hernández, Emiel Tijhuis, Ricardo García, Ernesto Lomelí, Facundo Savid
Photographs: Jaime Navarro

Project Description:

The new laboratory building and film production services of the Churubusco Studies is part of an initiative to modernize the country’s film infrastructure.

With five levels and 102,257 sq ft of construction, the complex will be developed on an area of 21,527 sq ft approximately in the central area of the Churubusco Studies, between existing Forums and THX Chambers, and between two rows of existing trees, using the frond of these laurels as a solar control mechanism.

The building consists of two superimposed horizontal bodies, partially separated in the central area by a crack that articulates a public space inside. The lower body is a solid foundation, closed and sealed with controlled areas where they are located spaces for photochemical laboratories, film processes and machinery rooms. The treatment of the exterior facade of this body is based on dark prefabricated panels with a stamped that gives a rough character. Two generous stairways in the extreme northeast and southwest, give access to the 2nd level, where are the access halls, cafeteria, library and public space. In the half of the 3rd level, this public space is continued as a terrace and with a multipurpose room.


The largest of them, covered with a skylight, illuminates the intermediate public space. The other is manifested as a terrace in the level of services to the production. The facade of this body is based on horizontal aluminum cancel that reinforce the nature of stacking of the building with glass and silk that tinges the light that enters the offices. The roof of the building is used as a terrace and garden, allowing generating a space for multiple uses with green areas and views to the whole of the Churubusco Studios. The exterior of the complex develops landscapes squares as the New Mexican Cinema, where you will place the statue of Ariel and the names and ephemeris for the film in Mexico.

The concentration of activities in this new building will allow the Churubusco Studios to offer more innovation and creativity to the film industry.

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