Center of Superior Design in Monterrey


Client:  Center of Superior Design in Monterrey
Type:  Cultural Center
Location:  Monterrey, Mexico
Size:  5,200 m²
Status:  Built
Year:  2008
a l 911 Team:  Jose Castillo, Saidee Springall,
Ernesto Lomelí, Iván Cervantes, Caliope Hernández, Mario Nájera, Laura Janka y Edgar González.
Partners:  Fernanda Canales
Photography: Dante Busquets

Project Description:

The competition-winning project for the new campus for CEDIM, located on the peripheries of Monterrey alludes to the landscape of three mountain ranges and a seasonally dry riverbed of the area where it is located. With a limited budget and very short construction time, the metal-cladded building is organized as a square block with slices and crevices that create ‘fingers’ which allow the entry of natural light and opens the interior spaces towards the views outside. This scheme also allows for the campus to grow over time without losing character.

Location and organization of the various programs seek to favor the views of the mountains, reducing sunlight, and establish relationships between inside, outside and uses, always considering the flexibility to allow changes to uses and sizes of spaces, as well as future growth.


The façade is a continuous band of sheet metal which folds both in the floor plan and in elevation; that allows the fragmentation of the monolithic volume and connects it visually to the rugged silhouette of the mountains that surround the site. The interior is characterized by a more fluid and dynamic space where the student center, at the core of the building, is characterized by 4 polycarbonate-cladded boxes suspended above a semi-sunken space.

The workshops, cafeterias and classrooms follow a bare aesthetic of exposed structure and limited finishes, which nevertheless give a strong character to the building.

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