Spanish Cultural Center

Spanish Cultural Center Expansion


Client: Spanish Government
Location: Historic Center, Mexico City
Status: Built
Year: 2011
Project Design:  JSª + a | 911
Design Leaders: Saidee Springall, Jose Castillo
+ Javier Sánchez
Design Team: Juan Manuel Soler, Juvencio Núñez,
Ingrid Ramos, Iván Cervantes, Caliope Hernández,
Pablo Zamudio, Edgar González, Gabriela Delgado,
Gustavo Rojas, Domingo Granados,
Mariana Paz, Jimena Antillón
Photographs: Rafael Gamo, Pedro Hiriart, Moritz Bernoully

Project Description:

With its strategic location in the Historic Center of Mexico City, the project generates an urban passage through the Spanish Cultural Center (CCE), allowing pedestrians to cross from Guatemala street into Donceles street. The context conditions allowed a first part of the building conforms to the heights of the Colegio de Cristo, a seventeenth century two-storey building, while a second volume conforms to the eight-storey Hotel Catedral. Thus, the volume of the building negotiates with the morphology of the context conditions. The façade, made of concrete and Corten steel screens, seeks for a dialogue with the environment through reinterpretations solid-void colonial proportions, generating height transitions between immediate adjacencies. A series of terraces and ramps that connect to the existing building consolidates the CCE as a single area of great vitality and diversity of activities in the Historic Center.


Through an invited competition the project from JSª and a | 911 was selected as the wining proposal. The Spanish Cultural Center Expansion adds nearly 43,055 sq ft of additional program spread over 5 stories and 2 basements. The new building program focuses on four main activities: performing areas, exhibition gallery, seminar and workshop rooms as well as a screening room. An archaeological site museum complements the program, it is located in the basement and it houses the remains of pre-hispanic constructions found during the building excavation.

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