University of Guadalajara Performing Arts Center


Client: Guadalajara University
Guadalajara, Mexico
35,400 m2
Under Construction
a|911 Team: Saidee Springall, Jose Castillo,
Ernesto Lomelí, Iván Cervantes,
Edgar Romero, Javier Juárez, Juan Pablo Sandoval,
Geraldine Padilla, Caliope Hernández, Carlos Ledezma,
Humberto Castro, Gilda Valencia, Rodrigo Durán,
Anabel Chávez, Daniela Velázquez, Carlos Ríos,
Alejandro Oliver
Collaboration:Fernanda Canales+Alejandro Hernández
Photographs: a | 911

Project Description:

It is a 344,445 sq ft complex of two theaters for experimental and commercial performances and a multi-use “blackbox” that holds up to 400 people. The project is composed by three volumes and a platform/public square, that acts as a transitional element between the different buildings. The project becomes a “detour”, a way of multiplying paths throughout the University’s Cultural Center. The site is occupied through the use of platforms, voids and terraces, as well as the position of the theaters – which open up to public space- allowing the whole esplanade to become a theatrical space; generating the possibility for inner and outer scenic spaces that interact between inside and outside.

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