Azcania Master Plan


Client: Federal District Government
Location: Pantaco, Mexico City
Status: Project
Year: 2009
Project Design: ARUP+ a | 911
Design Team: Caliope Hernández, Ernesto Lomelí,
Anabel Chávez, José María Palacios y Lucrecia Montemayor

Project Description:

This project is part of a government initiative to Mexico City seeking qualities combine urban and economic development in various strategic areas , this is driven by a large specialized human capital . In the current Pantaco wineries, in an area of ​​6,135,429 sq ft, is proposed to rehabilitate the post-industrial area Atzcapotzalco to revive the economy and strengthen the connections between southern Mexico City metropolitan area and this one. This innovative urban concept represents an example for the regeneration of Mexico and Latin America through developments with low carbon emissions both in buildings and in transportation, and renewable energy implementation.


Pantaco provides an experimental platform for low-carbon technologies and provides technologies against disasters like floods and earthquakes. The aim is to drive the construction and urban development towards a sustainable path, through responsible design practices, and strategies of institutional and market changes . The design breaks large batches in small blocks under the principles of European cities. Blocks, streets and parks together with a diagonal avenue are the main elements for the syntax elements of the plan.

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