AUFA 2014

Audi Urban Future Award 2014


Client: Audi
Location: Mexico City
Status: Project
Year: 2014
Project Design: Jose Castillo + Carlos Gershenson
+ Gabriella Gómez-Mont
Design Team: Mónica Arzoz, Paul Crespo,
José Esparza, Mariana Pfeiffer, Andrea Quiroz,
Alejandro Ramos, Carlos Ríos

Project Description:

The challenge of the megacity lies in innovating the way in which it obtains and produces information, keeping in mind that information is a resource like water and energy. In Mexico City there is a great deal of information that is not used to its full potential. On the other hand, Mexico City suffers great mobility problems. In 2011 IBM singled out the city as the urbanity with the highest levels of traffic and the highest index of painful travel. It is clear that the city’s mobility model is not sustainable in the long term.

Responding to this problematic, Living Mobilities, which won the first place in the Audi Urban Futures Initiative competition, seeks to develop a new culture and vision of mobility in Mexico City. The proposal contemplates the creation of an intelligent database that integrates new and existing resource, and will provide the city with a dynamic platform that will enhance urban life. The database would be assembled with the help of a wide array of sources in the city’s public and private sectors.


A brighter future can be achieved if people gain access to as much data as possible. This would foster the strong network of citizen participation, based on the premise of a well-informed citizenry.

The database will be assembled through the donation of data (citizen who voluntarily provide their information to the city’s Operating System), the city government and the infrastructure it administers (information regarding public transit, stoplights, and parking lots, among others), and the partners and/or partnerships in charge of the data sorting. The platform would be available to everyone through an application, which they can download into their mobile devices.

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