IntegrARA Lázaro Cárdenas

IntegrARA Lázaro Cárdenas


Client: Consorcio ARA
Location: Buenos Aires, Mexico City
Status: Built
Year: 2014
Project Design: a | 911
Design Team: Ernesto Lomelí, Rodrigo Durán,
Caliope Hernández, Daniela Cruz, Carlos Ríos,
Alejandro Olivier, Iván Cervantes,
Anabel Chávez, Emiel Tijhuis
Photographs: Onnis Luque, Moritz Bernoully

Project Description:

The development is located in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of the Cuauhtémoc district in Mexico City. The lot, which has an irregular shape of about 43,055 sq ft, hosts a multi-family housing development of 263 affordable apartments and it also incorporates 182,986 sq ft of construction and furnishings.

Based on the location and the geometry of the lot, the proposal allowed for the development of an horizontal building with a façade that engaged in a harmonizing dialogue both from within and from without of the complex. The building spans the entire street and there are other three building blocks, arranged in a quadrangular manner, as to take advantage of the views toward the interior courtyards, where one can find the recreational areas.



The buildings consist of an underground level for parking, a ground floor and six additional residential levels. The ground floor also contains the pedestrian entrances to the housing units, and the access to the courtyards, green areas, and recreational areas within the complex.

One can gain access to the housing units through the hallways that are connected by the stairwells. The housing units vary in their typology and range from 25 to 77 m2. Each level contains about 45 apartments distributed along the four stairwells. The majority of the housing units have the following spaces: dining/living room, master bedroom, a second bedroom, a bathroom, and a kitchen with an integrated washing area.


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