IntegrARA Iztapalapa


IntegrARA Zaragoza II


Client: Consorcio ARA
Location: Iztapalapa, Mexico City
Status: under construction
Year: 2012
Project Design: a | 911
Design Team: Ernesto Lomelí, Rodrigo Durán,
Caliope Hernández, Daniela Velázquez,
Fernando Briones, Alejandro Olivier, Anabel Chávez,
Raymundo Marcelo, Carlos Ríos, Iván Cervantes
Photographs: Onnis Luque

Project Description:

The project is located in the Tepalcates neighborhood, about 750 meters from the metro station with the same name. The complex reintegrates an alternative model for the production of affordable housing in Mexico City.

The proposal envisions the development of 620 units arranged around 5 interior courtyards and 13 commercial venues, which would be integrated into a façade extending 197 meters. The configuration of the 620 units is resolved through creation of building blocks, which allow for 40.5% of the area to be kept as open space. This helps to preserve the urban continuity and the connectivity with the street, which is reinforced by the mix-use nature of the complex.



Despite being large-scale project (620 units), each block constitutes a micro-community of about 100 departments varying in their typology. The different units are found an array dimensions that range from 25 to 64 square meters. Each of them features the following spaces: dining/living room, master bedroom, a second bedroom, a bathroom, and a kitchen with an integrated washing area.

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